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glibness n : a kind of fluent easy superficiality; "the glibness of a high-pressure salesman" [syn: slickness]

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  1. The condition of being glib

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

articulateness, big mouth, blandness, butter, candor, command of language, command of words, communicativeness, conversableness, effective style, effusion, effusiveness, eloquence, eloquent tongue, expression, expressiveness, facundity, fair words, felicitousness, felicity, flow of words, flowing tongue, fluency, fluent tongue, flux de bouche, flux de paroles, flux of words, frankness, fulsomeness, garrulity, garrulousness, gassiness, gift of expression, gift of gab, graphicness, gregariousness, gush, gushiness, honeyed words, incense, long-windedness, loose tongue, loquaciousness, loquacity, meaningfulness, oiliness, openness, oratory, prolixity, rhetoric, silver tongue, slickness, slush, smoothness, smugness, sociability, soft soap, soft words, spate of words, suaveness, suavity, sweet talk, sweet words, talkativeness, unctuousness, verbosity, vividness, volubility, windiness
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